Hydraulic Repair and Parts

Hydraulic Pump Repair and Parts

We offer Hydrostatic repair, Hydrostatic and Hydraulic repair, Hydrostatic pump repair, Hydraulic pump repair, Hydrostatic and Hydraulic motor repair and Hydraulic engineering, design and custom specialization work for the following industrial machinery…

AAA Products – Hydraulic Directional Control Valves & High-Flow Air Valves Up To 2″ports

Advance Technology Products – Water Removing Filters & Other Moisture Control Products

Aeroquip, Div. of Eaton – Hydraulic Hose, Hose Ends, Adapters, Fittings, Couplings & Quick Disconnects

Air-Dro, Div. of Eaton – N.F.P.A. Interchangeable & Heavy-Duty Mill-Type Cylinders

Airoyal – Small Bore Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

Air Sentry – See Fluid Protection Corp.

Air/Tak – After Coolers, Filters/Drains, Air Dryers, Fluid Cooling Systems & Chillers

Air-Way – Hydraulic Fittings

American Industrial Heat Transfer – Air & Water Cooled Heat Exchangers

Anchor Flange – Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Flanges

Anker-Holth – Heavy-Duty Mill-Type Cylinders

Apitech, Parker-Hydraulic Valve Div. – Hydraulic Proportional Valves & Electronic Controls

Approved Purification Corp. – Temperature Sensors

ARO – Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Pneumatic Valves & Cylinders

Arrow Pneumatics – Filters, Regulators, Lubricators & Dryers

Assured Automation – Ball Valves

Atchley, Div. of Moog – Servo Valves

Aurora – Small Bore Brass, Aluminum & S.S. Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

Ausco – Hydraulic Fail Safe Brakes

J. S. Barnes – See Haldex Barnes

Baldor – Electric Motors

Behringer – Stauff Interchangeable Clamps, Filter Elements & Ball Valves

Ber-Low, Division of Haskel – See Butech

Bloom – Winches, Speed Reducers

Bosch – (only Gurnee, IL branch) Pumps, Motors, Valves, Manifolds, Power Units, Filters, Transducers, Accumulators, ISO Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

Brand – Directional Valves, Relief Valves & Flow Control Valves

Brennan – Tube and Pipe Fittings

Brevini USA – Planetary Gearboxes

BSF – Motor Pump Mounts

Butech, Division of Haskel – Super High-Pressure Fittings, Valves & Tubing

Calzoni(Denison, Div. Of Parker) – High-Torque Low-Speed Radial Piston Motors

CanFlo – Sold to Dynamic Fluid Components & Gems

Cessna – See Eaton

Char-Lynn, Div. Of Eaton – High-Torque Low-Speed Motors & Power Steering

Chicago Fittings – Tube Fittings

Columbus Hydraulics – Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Compact Controls, Div. Of Danfoss – See Danfoss

Continental Hydraulics – Hydraulic Pumps, Valves & Motors

Cryo-Flow Products – Flow Controls & Check Valves

Daman – Aluminum & Steel Manifolds & Subplates

Danfoss – Cartridge Valves

Datatran – Electronic Drivers & Cards

Dayco Eastman, Div. of Parker – Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

DCT – Transducers

DMIC – Ball Valves

Donaldson – Return-Line Filters, Pressure Filters, Pall Replacement Elements, Air Cleaners & Exhaust Products

Dropsa – Switches

Duff-Norton – Mechanical and Electromechanical Actuators

Duramax – See Donaldson

Dwyer Instruments – Switches

Dynamic Fluid Components – Gauges & Accessories

Dynaquip – Ball Valves

Dynex-Rivett – Hydraulic Pumps, Valves & Motors

Eaton – Hydrostatic Transmissions, Piston Pumps, Gear Pumps, Vane Pumps, Valves & Cylinders

Efdyn – Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Energy – Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves

Enerpac – High-Force Tools Division & Production Automation Division

EPE – Hydraulic Filters

Eskridge – Gear Boxes

Fairey-Arlon, Parker Hydraulic Filter Div. – (only Gurnee, IL branch) Hydraulic Filters

Fenner-Stone – See SPX Fluid Power

Flodar, Div. Of Lube Devices – Tube Fittings & Special Fittings

Flo-Ezy Filters – Suction Strainers & Reservoir Accessories

Flo-Tech – See Hedland

Flowtech – Pressure Switches

Flo-Tork – Pneumatic & Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

Fluid Controls, Div. Of Danfoss – See Danfoss

Fluid Power Systems (FPS), Parker Integrated Hydraulic Div. – Electrohydraulic Proportional Valves and Spreader Systems, Cartridge Valves & Cartridge Valves

Fluid Protection Corp. – Fume/Odor, Water & Solid Particle Removing Breathers; Inline Filters & Dryers

Fluidtek Corp. – Hydraulic filters

Gems – Switches: Pressure, Temperature & Vacuum

Graco – Air-Operated Process Pumps

Granite Fluid Power – Large Custom Cylinders, Accumulators & High-Pressure Valves & Pumps

Green Mfg. – Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Greer Hydraulics, Div. Of Parker – Accumulators, Pulsation Dampeners, SurgeKushons, KleenVents

Gresen, Parker-Hydraulic Valve Div. – Hydraulic Valves & Pumps

Gresen, Parker-Integrated Hydraulic Div. – Cartridge Valves

Haldex Barnes – Gear Pumps, Flow Dividers, Small A.C. & D.C. Hydraulic Power Units

Hammelmann Corp. – Plunger Pumps for Water-Based Fluids

Hanna Cylinders – (only ESI Little Rock, AR branch) N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Hannay Reels – Hose Reels

Haskel – Air-Driven Gas Boosters & Liquid Pumps, Air Pressure Amplifiers & High-Pressure Valves

Heco – Speed Reducers for Hydraulic Motors

Hedland – Flow Meters & Portable Test Units

Helland – See Zero-Max

Heypac – (only Gurnee, IL branch) Air Actuated Pumps

Hoerbiger Origa – Cylinders

HTL – See Nutron Motor

Hunt Valve – Water Service Directional Valves and Pressure Regulating Valves

Hycon, Div. of Hydac – Filters, Clamps, High-Pressure Valves & Accessories

Hydac – See Hycon

Hydraulic Technologies – Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydro-Craft – Hydraulic Reservoirs & Accessories, Tube & Pipe Clamps

Hydro-Line, Div. of Eaton – N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders & Boosters

Hydrolux – See Moog

Hydrostar – See Some KYB

Hydura – See Oilgear

HTL Motor – See Nutron Motor

Imperial Eastman – See Dayco Eastman

Inserta – Flanged Ball Valves & Check Valves

ITW Vortec – See Vortec

Iowa Industrial – See Hydraulic Technologies

Kawasaki – Hydraulic Low-Speed High-Torque Radial Piston Motors & High-Speed Pumps & Motors

Kocsis – Hydraulic Accumulators

Some KYB – Hydraulic Low-Speed High-Torque Radial Piston Motors

Krystil Klear Filtration – Multi-Element Bag Filter Housings

Lake Monitors – Flow Meters & Flow Alarms

Leeson Electric – Electric Motors

Legris – Pneumatic Fittings, Recoil Hose & Tubing, Ball Valves & Blow Guns

Lenz – Fittings, Gauges, Hydraulic Filter, Strainers & Tank Accessories

Lexair – Pneumatic Specialty Valves

LHA, Div. Of Donaldson – Hydraulic Gauges & Accessories

Lincoln Electric – Electric Motors

Lincoln Machine – Heavy-Duty, Mill-Type Cylinders

Lindberg Fluid Power – Mill-Type Cylinders

Lovejoy – Pump/Motor Couplings

Lube Devices – Liquid Level Gauges & Air/Oil Reservoirs

Magnaloy Coupling – Pump/Motor Mounts & Couplings

Martner Products Mfg . – See Kocsis

Marvel Engineering – Filters

MP Products – Hydraulic Filters & Accessories

Midland – Stainless Steel Valves & Stainless Steel Cylinders

Miller Fluid Power, Div. Of Parker – N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Miner Elastomer Products – See RMH Controls

Modular Controls (Eaton) – Cartridge Valves

Monroe Engineering – Swing Clamps, Hydraulic Pumps, Jacks

Moog – Servo Valves & Precision Motion Control

Munson Tison – See Voac

Nason – Switches

Nelson-Winslow – Coalescing Fuel & Lube Oil Filters

Norco Parker Hydraulic Filter Div. – Filters

Nopak – (only Gurnee, IL branch) Air Receivers, Boosters, Directional Valves, N.F.P.A. & Mill-Type Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Noshok – Pressure Gauges and Transducers

Nutron Motor – Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors & Hydraulic Servo Motors

Ogden Hydraulics – Accumulators

Ohio Oscillator – See Flo-Tork

Omnex Control Systems – Radio Remote Controls

Origa – See Hoerbiger Origa

Pacer Industries – Slurry Pumps

Parker – Colorflow & Parflow Division, Flow Controls & Check Valves

Perfecting Coupling – Quick-Disconnect Couplers

Permco – Mobile Gear Pumps, Interchangeable with Commercial Intertech

Phelps – Custom Telescoping Cylinders

Pitts Industries – Electric Clutches

Pressure Components (PCI) – Quick Disconnects & High-Pressure Ball Valves

Pressure Devices (PDI), Div. of Gems – Switches: Pressure, Temperature & Vacuum

Quadrastat – Joysticks and Controllers

Racine – See Bosch

Ram-Pac – Hydraulic Tools

Refilco – Replacement Filter Cartridges

Rego – See Cyro-Flow Products

Republic, Parker-Hydraulic Valve Div. – Hydraulic and Pneumatic Flow, Pressure, Directional & Specialty Valves

RKP, Div. of Moog – Pumps

RMH Controls – Elastomeric Shock Absorbers

Rivett Inc. – See Dynex-Rivett

Rockford(Hydro-Line), Div. of Eaton – Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Rodgers, Div. Of Victor Fluid Power – See Granite Fluid Power

RotoThrust – See Hanna Cylinders

RR USA – Gear boxes, Motors & Gear Reducers

Salem – See Oilgear

Schenk Pegasus, Div. of Moog – Servo Valves

Schrupp – Accumulators, High Flow Hydraulic Valves, Cartridge Valves

SPX Fluid Power – Small A.C. & D.C. Hydraulic Power Units

Staffa – See Kawasaki

Stauff – Clamps, Filters, High-Pressure Valves & Accessories

Stone – See SPX Fluid Power

Summa – See Eaton

TCI Technical – (only Gurnee, IL branch) Hydraulic Motors & Gear Boxes

Teledyne Republic – See Republic

Thermal Transfer – Air & Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers

ThermaSys – See Thermal Transfer

TJ Cylinders, Div. of Eaton – (only ESI Little Rock, AR branch) N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Tokyo Precision Instruments (TSS), Div. of Moog – See Moog

Torit, Div. of Donaldson – See Donaldson


UCI – Gauges & Ball Valves

Union Flonetics (Foster Valve Group) – See Hunt Valve Co.

Vescor, Div. Of Lube Devices – Reservoirs, Motor Pump Mounts & Reservoir Accessories

Viceroy – See Anker-Holth

Vickers, Div. of Eaton – See Eaton

Voac, Div. of Parker – Piston Pumps & Motors, Directional Control Valves & Proportional Directional Control Valves

Volvo – See Voac

Vonberg Valve – Hydraulic Valves

Von Ruden – Motors, Planetary Gear Reducers & Overhung Load Adapters

Vortec – Compressed Air Specialty Products

WaterGuard – See Advance Technology Products

Waterman Hydraulics, Parker-Integrated Hydraulic Div. – Cartridge Valves

Weatherhead , Div. Of Eaton – Tube & Pipe Fittings

Webster Instruments – Flow, Pressure & Temperature Measuring Devices

Weiss Instruments – Gauges

West Craft Mfg. – Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Wilton Powrlock – See Monroe Engineering

Young Radiator – Air & Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Zero-Max Motion Control Products – Overhung Load Adapters

Zinga Industries – Filters, Strainers, Fittings & Accessories



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